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Punkhaus Distro

Zines, music, and more!

20 May 1988
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We're looking for shit to distribute! All bands, zines, radicals, and revolutionaries with something to say are welcome to send us things to consider for the distro, but we are especially interested in zines pertaining to the DIY Lifestyle, Music Literature, Personal experience, Self-drawn comics, Drawing and flyer galleries, Revolutionary Spirituality of all kinds, True positive anarchy, and any type of true self-expression! We're interested in all types of bands.. Punk, Folk, Ska, Metal, whatever! We are only taking in CD's and zines for now, but we'll soon be taking in all merch and putting together a catalog. We try to take in everything around 50% of the actual price for wholesale, but we can work out deals as long as you aren't asking too much!

Get in touch with us through here or our website!


We also have a zine called HANgOVER that we are in the process of creating. First issue! Exciting!

Not only that but we are looking for roommates to live with us in our small-ish town in Hanover, PA or within 20 miles of that. We are going to look for a house to rent and have several roommates. If you're friendly, agreeable, and don't mind animals... get in touch with us. All candidates are acceptable. We just want to meet up with you and make sure you aren't some crazy axe murderer :)